Paradise Towing & Paradise Towing Company offer towing in South Padre Island, Texas. Paradise Towing offers wrecker service in South Padre Island, tow service in South Padre, as well as all services you’d expect from a full service towing company in South Padre Island. Our professional cleaning & detail shop on South Padre can make your vehicle look like brand new at a surprisingly affordable cost.

The Texas Brand Of Towing

offers fully insured & licensed full service towing on South Padre Island, Texas & its beaches as well as a 20 mile service area.

We 100% the guaranteed FASTEST response time on any Island calls as we are the ONLY company located on the Island.

We are located at 1515 Padre Boulevard on the main drag behind Wells Realty, adjacent to Club Chaos & across the 4 lane due west of the CVS Pharmacy

Please call us 956.761.8599 for all of your 24 hour / 7 day per week towing needs or to inquire about our services, day or night.

Services we offer:

  • Illegally parked vehicle, boat, jet ski, cycle, or camper and their removal from your property at no charge to you
  • Mechanical breakdown tows & towing
  • Out of Gas emergency service for vehicles
  • Vehicle & Boat Jump Starting Service
  • Battery Replacement Service
  • “No Damage” vehicle lock out / locksmithing service
  • Flat Tire Changing
  • Beach & Surf Winch Out & Towing
  • Accident & DUI Removal for South Padre Police, Cameron County Police, DPS, and all other local, county, state, & federal agencies
  • Full Service Car Wash & Full Service Certified Auto Detail Service for vehicles, boats, cycles & more. CLICK HERE for more details
  • Flat Bed Tow Service

All state Road Service Progressive Cross Country asurion

Our friendly staff is here to help you out no matter what your situation or attitude. We gladly accept cash, travelers checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, as well as Gold & Silver for payment of services. Concerned about our prices or what you might owe us & want to come prepared? Visit our Price List by clicking HERE

Didja bury your truck messing around up on North Beach & feel stupid? Don’t worry - it happens all the time - call us and we’ll get you winched out without giving you too hard of a rubbing - let us be at your service. Were you in involved in an accident or possibly illegally parked & looking for your car? Call us toll free 956.761.8599 and we will let you know the whereabouts of your vehicle here in South Padre or Port Isabel.

If you are coming to pick up your vehicle, you will need proof of ownership, or a signed statement from the Owner, along with a fax of their drivers license faxed to us granting you permission to take the vehicle for you to get it out of impound. Our FAX is 866.594.9018 to get the ball rolling so you are ready when you get here. We do offer a 3 hour service guarantee from the time you contact us, to the time you can remove your property from our impound.

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Paradise Towing is one of the leading firms providing towing services on South Padre Island and Texas. Our team works to extend wholly insured and licensed towing services at the earliest to our clients and customers. The South Padre Island pop a lock as well as towing service of our company is available round-the-clock throughout the year.

You can trust us on a range of services, such as:

  • For any vehicle found parked illegally at your property, you may contact us. Our towing service in South Padre will be available at free of cost.
  • We render immediate help in case of emergency situations due to insufficient gas or fuel in a vehicle.
  • South Padre towing assistance is also available for vehicles that may have wrecked down mid way.
  • If a vehicle or a boat fails to start because of a discharged battery, you may make contact with us for Jump Starting Service.
  • To get a new battery, you may opt for our Battery Replacement Service.
  • If you are locked out of the car, you can contact us to pop a lock. We provide top-drawer lock smith service.
  • We also offer Replacement Service for flat tires.
  • We also provide Accident & DUI Removal service for local, county, state as well as federal agencies, including South Padre Police, Cameron County Police and DPS.
  • Washing and cleaning service is another facility offered by us to keep your vehicle clean inside out.
  • Also, we provide the most secure and quick Flat Bed Tow Service. We offer a day-and-night towing service all seven days a week. Just dial our toll free number 956.761.8599 or email us for any assistance.
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